About the My Cebu Photos Blog

First of all, sorry for my grammar. I'm trying to make it right and if it is really not, you may correct it. Secondly, sorry for the picture quality. I only have ordinary camera and also I'm not a good camera man or let us say "I'm not a camera man". Well anyway it's not about the quality of the picture and how nice the angle of the object taken. My purpose of having this blog is to give you different or another thoughts, view and idea about the place and it's people in Cebu. I just wanna see if the place --the general Cebu or part of it-- still convincing for you by showing you pictures taken by only a just person like me. This is just another photo blog for Cebu. There are no big differences from the others. Except from the images I think. I show you pictures then it is you who will decide: if the place is ugly or nice; or if it is just that my pictures are ugly... hehe

One thing for sure, all images was taken anywhere within Cebu. It focuses to none. I shoot from places, people, things, festivals, parties, living things, non-living things to the worst thing you can't imagine as long as I have my camera in me and as long as I like to take pictures.
I also accept and display pictures from friends. I will just acknowledge their names.

By the way, I lived in Carmen, Cebu so you don't need to wonder why I have lots of photos taken from Carmen compared to any place in Cebu. Well, this is not my only reason, it's just that I don't have any budget touring around Cebu just to take pictures. Mostly, I am in that place just because I have reason other than just bringing my cute digicam... yeah!

yeah! bling bling men...abz'


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwv3wVcDCsM

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwv3wVcDCsM